“A Website Changes Everything…” How Tara Gained the Confidence to Launch her Business

Meet Tara

Goal: Transform and Idea into a Brand and Business with Website Copy
Struggle: Polarity of ideas that made it difficult to create a cohesive Brand Message
Achievement: Confidence in a website that captures Tara's authenticity and attracts her ideal clients

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Tara Myshrall is a powerhouse transformational coach, executive, speaker and activist. With over two decades of experience closing multimillion dollar deals within the Information Technology sector, Tara knows how to navigate a boardroom with ease and show up in her full power. 

As an executive coach, she is gifted in her abilities to help her clients see through their blindspots and reframe and recognize their potential in a new way. Tara has a deep longing to serve her clients and help them increase their self-awareness and heal. 

Tara first came to me when she wanted to launch her business. Always mission driven, Tara had all the pieces of her message, but she was struggling to bring everything together into a coherent message that really captured the essence and polarity of what she stood for: being both a results oriented, driven and “get shit done” kind of woman with her equally loving, gentle and spiritual side. She knew that these seemingly opposite characteristics were very important to include in her brand identity but they initially seemed like two different messages. 

Through the process of working together, the tagline that emerged brought everything together into a unified message “Permission To Expand” and both the words and images on Tara’s site worked together to capture Tara’s masculine and feminine energies and appeal to her clients who were looking to integrate all aspects of themselves. Through Tara’s individual and group coaching programs, she helps her clients leverage mindset shifts, overcome limiting beliefs and step into their full power and greatness. 

Here’s what Tara had to say: 

“The process of creating the website and working with Becky was priceless, because it became the compelling event that made me realize “now I have a real business.” The copywriting, imagery and representation was so good that it gave me the confidence to move forward with my business. A website can change things. Not just for your income, but for you as a person and the way you look at yourself.” 

“I felt seen and like my power was reflected back to me through the words and images. When I read what Becky had written, it helped me slay my own insecurities and show up in my power because I knew that I could do this. I had been dreaming about it for a long time, but seeing the words on the screen helped make it real. The words were right there, written for all the world to see. It helped me stop playing small and show up and the impact that that had on me was extremely valuable.” 

What did you like about the process of working with Becky? 

“I’ve worked with other copywriters in the past and I loved that Becky took the time to really get to know me, and then the business, and then the content. She really looks at the big picture and works diligently to not only capture my voice, but to deepen the concepts and clearly explain things in a way that is appealing to my audience. She can see both the macro level and be laser focused at the same time and that’s not a quality I’ve seen in other copywriters I’ve worked with…

There’s also a lot of creativity in how Becky ties all of the components together. She has an intuitive creativity that I really admire and that is reflected in the copy she writes.” 

“I was 100% happy with the content Becky delivered and as my business grows and evolves, I’ve continued to leverage Becky’s talents. I’ve recommended her to many colleagues and I’m going to continue working with Becky because we’ve captured something magical.” 

To learn more about Tara’s upcoming group coaching programs, sign up for Tara’s Inner Circle and receive monthly love letters, inspiration and information. Tara also has an amazing podcast and video series called Woman’s Spotlight, where she interviews amazing entrepreneurs who are doing big things in the world (available on youtube and spotify. Be sure to check it out! 


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