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You know when you go to sit down to write about your business, and you’re staring at that blank screen, and you’re not sure what to say.  SO you pop onto your favourite social media channel and start scrolling, hoping for some inspiration. 

But then, you get overwhelmed and you wonder if you’ll just sound like everyone else.  So, you close your computer and walk away, praying your customers just magically find you.  I get it.  Writing about your own business can be hard.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

My friends, you don’t have to struggle with writing about your business anymore.  I’m here for you!  With the right words, brand story and high-converting sales copy, you will set your business up for success. 

I’ve helped 50+ heart-centred businesses and I can help you too. 

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I'm Becky!

Copywriter, Artist, Creative Entrepreneur and Lake Huron Lover
Founder of Becky Nethery Creative Inc.

Fun, Ease and Nourishment Fuel Growth and Expansion

I believe deeply in the power of feminine energy.  I believe that we can grow while honouring our bodies, our spirits and our souls.  I believe in expansion, flow, rest and attraction.  I believe in working hard too, but not at the expense of our health, relationships and happiness.  I continue to honour and align with feminine ways of knowing and nature’s wisdom.

We are All Connected

I believe that the world would be a dramatically different place if there was more money in the hands of women.  Taking up space.  Ditching the good girl.  Using your voice.  The personal is political.  Creating space for you to show up in your power, with your solutions that the world needs.  You stepping into your power is a political act.  Every day in business, you are embodying your power.  This is healing, ourselves, our communities, the world.

Clarity is Power

Let me say that again. Clarity is power.  It’s power for you because your new website will point to your true north and keep your business aligned with your mission.  Not only will it keep you on track, but it will send out a clear signal to your customers, so they can find you and engage your services or business. 

So many companies lose money every day because their messaging just isn’t clear.  People don’t know how to communicate what they do in a way that is engaging, easy to understand and connects with their clients.  With your new copywriting, you won’t be one of them.

At the end of the day, clarity is queen.  I specialize in transforming complex and abstract concepts and breaking them down into clear and concise messaging, so your ideal audience can easily understand how you make their lives better and where they can sign up to work with you.

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Becky Nethery
Fun, Easy, Stress Free and Effective

My Signature Creative Process



Let’s chat and find out if we are a good fit!  Apply to work with me today and we can hop on a call and find out.



My casual interview process creates the space for you to share your heart, vision and purpose of your business.  You share you ideas and then I get to work. 



Now that I understand your business, I clarify your message into powerful copywriting that is easy to understand, effective and connects with your audience. 



Based on your unique audience, I create a website wireframe that shows the visual layout, optimizes communication and clearly and effectively tells your brand story with high converting copywriting.  The wire-frame can easily be shared with your development team to speed up the process and create epic results. 



When you read your website copy, you will feel seen, heard and understood.  A pride will rise up in you as your mission is given momentum.  With effective copywriting and strategic brand strategy, your business will have everything necessary for success, so you can own your power, serve your people and sell with confidence.

A Little Bit More About Me...

Experience, Passion, Creativity, Excellence and Innovation
masters of arts in english, bachelor of education, honours bachelor of arts in english and visual arts

10 years experience teaching writing and art throughout canada
50+happy clients and badass projects
creative connector
who is passionate about supporting heart centred businesses

avid world traveller adventure seeker
lake lover
wild woman nature junkie life long learner

constant reader and lover of all things myth, archetypes and story

spiritual seeker yoga lover
embodiment and energy believer

shakti school certified health coach

and all things personal development

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