Clarity, Ease and Confidence: How Kim Stopped Second Guessing Her Brand Story

Meet Kim

Goal: Create a Clear Brand Message For A New Business Struggle: DIY Stress, Overthinking and lack of clarity Achievement: A Clear Brand Message that Attracts Ideal Clients

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One of the best parts of my job is that I get to work with brilliant entrepreneurs who are doing BIG things in the world. 

Meet Kim Hagle, founder of Radiant Vitality Wellness. Kim is a non-diet personal trainer and nutritionist who helps women who feel unmotivated to exercise, and stuck in body shame discover joyful movement and peace with food so they can rock their best life in their NOW body. 

When Kim and I started working together, her business was in the idea stage. She knew what she wanted to do, but she wasn’t sure how to communicate her ideas into a brandstory for her website. 

Here’s what Kim had to say about the process of working together:

What made you choose for your project? 

“Because Becky gets me! She has a gift for turning ideas and random thoughts into a beautiful story. She has a way of seeing the big picture and can bring all the pieces (words, images and design) together in a way that perfectly reflects my vision.

Becky has this ability to sift through my scattered thoughts and pull out the golden nuggets and turn it into a powerful and compelling story that attracts my ideal client.” 

What did you love about the process of working with Becky? 

“I love the questions she asks to understand my business and my vision. I love the collaboration and teamwork. Becky is quick and efficient. I didn’t need to micromanage anything. I just told her what I want, even if I’m not fully clear – and she delivers.

How did reading your NEW copy MAKE YOU FEEL?! 

“I felt understood. I felt confident to put myself out there because my site so accurately represented who I am and how I serve the world.

Would you recommend hiring Becky? 

“Absolutely 100%! I have never worked with a professional copywriter before. I’ve always tried to do things myself. I consider myself a pretty good writer, but it takes me a lot of time, a lot of overthinking and I’m never quite sure that I “got it”. 

Becky saved me so much time, second guessing and I knew that I had a quality product I felt proud of.”

I know that having a professional website has been a huge asset and I likely would not have had the same results without it.

How did having your website written by Becky make writing future copy easier for you? 

“The copy on my website has helped inform writing that I do for my social media and email marketing. I’ve been able to pull phrases and themes from the website because I know they speak to my ideal client and expand on this in my other marketing.

Another Happy Client!

I love being able to help my clients feel confident about putting their business into the world and setting them up for success with a brand message that is clear, memorable and attracts their ideal clients. 

Need help creating a powerful brand story that attracts your ideal clients? I’d love to help! Apply Now and let’s chat about your copywriting goals.

Check out Radiant Vitality Wellness to learn more about Kim’s transformational programs.  And be sure to check out Kim’s podcast The Joyful Movement Show now streaming on all platforms. 



Podcast: The Joyful Movement Show



Want similar Results?

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Want Similar Results?

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