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As an entrepreneur, you want to create the best possible website for your client.

But it can be a struggle to clearly communicate your client’s complex business.

And leaving content writing to your client presents a host of problems with clarity, organization and conversion rates.

You love creating websites, but the content writing is leaving you...

stressed and frustrated,

Are you frustrated by spending all of your time writing when you really want to be creating amazing websites for your clients?

with amateur writing,

Do your clients provide disorganized and unprofessional content that compromises the effectiveness of the website?

and you're losing money.

Do glaciers move faster than your client’s website projects, causing a loss in profit for your business?

With creative copywriting studio,
you can:

  • Provide your clients added value with clear and strategic copywriting
  • Reduce stress with a quick, easy and streamlined copywriting process
  • Accelerate projects and increase your bottom line

Life is too short to get lost in the content wilderness.

Hi, I'm
Becky Nethery

Copywriter, Communications Consultant &
Owner of Creative Copywriting Studio

As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned the magic of doing the things you love. 

I love writing, collaborating and helping businesses shine and look good online. 

I know how frustrating it can be when you are sucked into areas outside your wheelhouse. 

Writing clear and persuasively about complex businesses takes a lot of time and energy and it’s not everyone’s jam – yours or your clients.

I provide clear and meaningful copywriting packages that you can offer your clients, solving your content problems.

The majority of entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by writing about their business. They are too close to what they do and may lack the skills to write clear, purposeful and strategic website copy that converts their prospects into customers. ​

I believe we are stronger together.

When each person shows up with their strengths, we can create something really special.             
By combining your website development skills with my copywriting skills, we can serve clients a superior product and experience. Everyone wins.

What I bring to the table...

Experience, Passion, Creativity, Innovation & Fun

Stories that Sell

Creative Copywriting Studio uses a strategic framework based on using stories to sell. Invite the audience into a story-loop that appeals to the customer’s aspirational identity and closes with a purchase.

Clarity and Strategy

If you confuse, you lose. Creative Copywriting Studio can quickly and easily organize complexity into clarity that has a strategic call to action. 

Fresh PersPective

Many business owners suffer from the curse of knowledge. They are too close to their industry. I make complex businesses accessible and engaging.

Creative Innovation

Perpetually learning. Obsessed with strategic copywriting that converts prospects into clients. Innovation is my middle name. 

Copywriting Expertise

Masters of Arts in English, Bachelor of Education, Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and Art. Ten years teaching English and Art throughout Canada.

10+ Years Experience

Marie Kondo has nothing on our organization skills. Organization of ideas that is. 10+ years organizing and simplifying difficult topics. 

At Creative Copywriting Studio, we love making people look good.

We are highly collaborative and passionate about clear and strategic communication that helps businesses grow and flourish.

Copywriting Services

The One Pager

Copywriting for One Page Websites
Contact for B2B Pricing
  • Single focus websites that get results
  • Clear, organized and strategic copywriting
  • Authentic, high quality copywriting to showcase clients
  • Streamlined content collection process
  • Using a proven storybrand marketing formula
  • Clear and strategic call to action
  • Faster turn around time

The Full Shablam

Copywriting for a Custom Website
Contact for B2B Pricing
  • Custom, brand building, professional websites
  • Complete site map for enhanced user experience
  • Clear, organized and strategic copywriting
  • Authentic, high quality copywriting to showcase clients
  • Streamlined content collection process
  • Using a proven storybrand marketing formula
  • Clear and strategic call to action
  • Website wireframe of layout, formatting and images
  • Up to 20 pages (custom quotes for larger sites)

Copywriting Add On Services

SEO Blog Posts


Engaging Blog Posts

Using SEO keywords, 500-800 word blog posts designed to engage your ideal customer, solve problems and position your company as an industry authority. Batch your content for the next quarter.

Lead Generator


Irresistible Lead Magnets

Aligned with your strategic business development, a customized lead magnet invites your audience to opt-in to your email marketing. Professionally written, branded and designed to attract customers, build your email list and generate sales.

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Include copywriting packages with your website development process and Creative Copywriting Studio will do all the writing and organize ideas into strategic stories that sell. 



Your Business Thrives
Smooth, streamlined development process that provides accelerated website launch times, satisfied and happy clients and increases in your profits. 

Life can be easier
and more Profitable

Forget being stressed and overwhelmed by writing.
Forget chasing clients for content. Forget losing money.

You don't have to do it alone. We are stronger together.

Instead, offer strategic copywriting packages, launch faster and start increasing profits.

Get started with Creative Copywriting Studio today!

hAve more questions?

The web developers I work with sell a package that includes copywriting, hosting and web-development all as separate components of website creation. When writing proposals, they include copywriting as part of the overall price of the website. 

Absolutely! I want the web developers I work with to make money on this too. Most copywriting services retail for an additional $300-$600, so you can make money off this as well. Everyone wins!

Creative Copywriting Studio will share an information collection document that contains a series of questions for you to ask your client. This walks them through the story-brand marketing format and makes sure that we are getting all the information necessary for dynamite copy. 

The interview process also allows the client’s voice to come through in the copy, as we refine, organize and clarify the message. Some web developers also record the information collection meeting on zoom, but that is not necessary. All information is shared in a working google doc so everyone has access, you, your client and Creative Copywriting Studio.  Smooth, streamlined, efficient! 

At Creative Copywriting Studio, we pride ourselves in our quick and quality work. We love to dive deep into a project, get to the heart of it and then move on to the next project. Efficiency is extremely important to us and we do our very best to deliver quality copywriting efficiently. Let’s schedule a call as soon as possible to book your client project and we can provide an accurate turn around time. Each project is different, so we like to be precise with our turn around times.

Great question! I’m so glad you asked. Here’s a birds-eye-view of how this works. 

First, you would interview the client using the information collection questions we will provide.

Next, we will write clear, strategic and profitable copy that showcases your client’s business, either directly in the one page website template, or using a website wireframe that includes a sitemap of each page for an enhanced user experience.

Next, you can take the wireframe and develop the site. We then schedule a review meeting to go through the site and check for clarity, image recommendation, visual communication and branding, to make sure that the site is aesthetically pleasing and the copy is on-point.

The client is involved at various stages of the process to ensure that they are on-board with the messaging and site design.

You can launch websites faster, include copy that converts and increase your profits. Heck yes! 

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