What if marketing your business could be easy, fun and insanely effective?

For Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs Ready to Lead with Connection
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What if marketing your business could be easy, fun and insanely effective?

For Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs Ready to Lead with Connection

What if YOU have everything you need to powerfully market your business?

You have BIG dreams. You want to help people. You are dedicated to showing up and being of service. 

But writing about your business can be painful on so many levels. 

Maybe you think you’re not a great writer. Maybe you bought a $37 plug-and-play program for your social media created by some marketing bro.  Maybe you’ve tried to outsource your messaging, but it doesn’t really encapsulate who you are, your mission and vision and how you help people. 


Are you struggling to market your business in a way that WORKS and feels AMAZING?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re sick of playing “Follow the Leader” trying to squish your amazing business into other people’s marketing strategies.
  • You’re feeling disconnected from your brand messaging, like your marketing isn’t resonating, making connections and helping your business grow.
  • You dread writing about your business, or just don’t do it, even though you know it has incredible power.
  • You’re genuinely not sure HOW to write about your business in a way that feels aligned and authentic.
  • You are afraid to be seen and heard, to show up and be visible for your business. Or you are worried that “no one cares” or “you don’t have anything to say.”

My friends, you are not alone. So many entrepreneurs struggle to know how to show up online, tell their stories and connect with their audience. 

The truth is you need to know HOW to market your business.

And in a way that actually represents:

  • Who you are
  • What you think 
  • What you stand for 
  • How you help people 
  • And using a strategy that works for you (AND FEELS GOOD).
If you want to meet your goals, if you want to help people, if you want to create change in the world and use your business for good, you have to learn HOW to market (and write about your business in a way that WORKS for you. 

You have to become the authority,
that is, the author of your marketing
and your message.

Beautiful Human, the real problem is that many entrepreneurs have lost connection to themselves, to their dream clients and to their message.

No wonder using other people’s marketing tricks isn’t working.

Hey Gorgeous,

I'm Becky!

Copywriter, Entrepreneur and Lake Huron Lover
MA English, BEd, HBA, Ayurvedic Health Coach

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In my copywriting business, I work with brilliant, talented and passionate entrepreneurs who desire to do big things in the world.

Their businesses are part of their soul journey, they are helping people who are struggling, they are offering new ways of thinking, leading and being and they’re working to end suffering on the planet. 

And yet when it comes time to write about their business or to market what they do, it’s like all the energy and passion drains out of them. I regularly hear phrases like “I’m just not a good writer” or “I don’t have any time to write” or “Can you just do this for me?”

I consistently see these brilliant entrepreneurs struggling because they have given away their power to some marketing expert who was so focused on strategy, that they have forgotten marketing is about people. It’s about connection. It’s about showing up and being seen and helping create change in the world through business.

The reality is that learning HOW to write for your business is a courageous act of leadership.

You have everything you need to market your business and create meaningful connections with your ideal clients. You just need a method to help you connect with yourself, the divine and the collective. And embodiment and writing are the tools to do that. 

Forget struggling, forget posts and emails that don’t resonate, forget messaging that causes more disconnection. It’s time to learn a new way. 

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What if marketing your business could be easy, fun and insanely effective?

  • Sitting down to write and being excited about all that you have to share with your audience while flowing through each step of your marketing plan.
  • Confidently writing in a way that genuinely builds trust and connection. 
  • Feeling comfortable in your skin, in who you are, and in how you help people – coming home to yourself. 
  • Accelerating your business goals, connecting with your dream clients and clearly communicating the value you offer so you can easily sell your services or products.
  • Creating more freedom in your life – freedom to be you, freedom to help your clients and financial freedom to grow your business in a way that feels good.

You ready?
Let’s do this!

Say Hello to...

The Embodied Marketing Method

For Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs Ready to Lead with Connection
We Start January 10, 2022 - SOLD OUT

This four week LIVE program will teach you a revolutionary new method to transform your marketing and message.

The Embodied Marketing Method is an opportunity to reframe your relationship with marketing and connect with your power. Learn an impactful and potent marketing method that is repeatable, easy and efficient, plus gain access to practical tools to help you elevate your writing and sell out your services.  

It’s a combination of embodiment practices, spiritual and energetic work and understanding the structure and anatomy of writing to create impactful marketing that resonates on a deeper level and communicates the value of your business, services and offerings. It’s masculine and feminine energy combined, understanding the structure and letting the Shakti flow.

From boring, inauthentic and disconnected marketing to powerful messaging that connects with your dream clients, communicates the value of your offer and easily sells your services.

Module 1

The Embodied Marketing Method

Fun, Easy, Stress Free and Effective
  • Connect with and honour what is alive in you, what you think, feel and have to say. 
  • How to stand out online and authentically step into your power.
  • Learn a repeatable method that will help you for the rest of your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you are writing an email, social post, blog post or website, the Embodied Marketing Method is here to help. It can also help you with writing speeches, articles, blogs, books and courses, but this program will focus on marketing.
  • Boldly honour your calling and step into the next level of leadership through your marketing messages. 
Module 2

Tools of the Trade

  • Understand the structure of quality writing and learn how to show your audience kindness by clearly organizing your thoughts and message.
  • Equip yourself with practical and powerful tools to help you become a better writer and to gain confidence in your abilities to communicate and connect with your audience.
  • It’s a crash course in everything you need to write well.
Module 3

Strategic Invitations to Create Feel-Good, Authentic and Powerful Marketing

  • This module is filled with very practical strategies to help you reframe your perspective of marketing and get things in motion. 
  • Learn how to write about your business in a way that brings more fun, joy, ease and connection for you, your team and your audience. It is possible. I’ll show you how.
Module 4

Revolutionize Your Marketing Mindset

  • In the final module, you will learn how to align the mind with the body in order to create powerful messaging that helps you achieve your goals. 
  • Upgrade the way you think about your marketing and learn how you can create a greater impact, connect with your ideal clients and improve your sales using The Embodied Marketing Method.

But wait! There’s more...

Enrol today and you’ll get ALL THE THINGS

4 Live 75 Min Course Modules

  • These modules are PACKED with embodiment practices, practical writing training and mindset transformations to help you step into your next level of leadership for your business, team and clients. You’ll also have the opportunity to get all your questions answered on our live calls and connect with other heart-centred entrepreneurs.

$   1800 Value

Writing Resources and Tools of the Trade to Elevate your Marketing

  • Equip yourself with the writing essentials you need for the rest of your entrepreneurial journey. Learn how to structure your writing to connect with your audience like never before. 
  • Countless templates, checklists, writing prompts and learning materials. 

$ 1000 Value

Lifetime Access to the Course

  • You’ll have access to all the course materials, embodiment practices and recordings, so you can get what you need whenever you need it. 


Mindset Hacks to Transform your Approach to Marketing

  • Revolutionize your message by changing your approach to marketing and reprogramming how you think about marketing. 

$ 1500 Value

Plus TWO MONTHS FREE to the Embodied Marketing Membership

We’re not just learning on an intellectual level in this course, we are getting to WORK. 

  • This is a biweekly LIVE 90 min co-writing call, where we use the Embodied Marketing Method to revolutionize our businesses and get shit done. 
  • Harness the power of the collective to help you show up with confidence online and get your message and marketing into the world. 
  • It’s a powerful community of entrepreneurs who are committed to using their marketing to elevate consciousness and end suffering. 
  • Step into your next level of leadership in a fun, easy and joyful space with powerful leaders. 
  • This is where you will have the support and accountability you need to get ‘er done, show up and LEAD. 
  • Regular Price $79 / month 

Total Value $ 4500

I’m only offering this program to a limited number of participants.  Plus this is the LOWEST PRICE that I will ever be offering this course, 
so get in now!


Enrolment Limited SOLD OUT

If you need a payment plan, email me or DM me on Instagram and we can work something out. 


Here’s what happens after you clickety-click that magical button!

  • You’ll be taken to a page where you can pop in your payment information and secure your spot in the program.  
  • Right after you pay, you’ll get a confirmation email with all the details about the course and how you can access the program resources!
  • You’ll get an invite to the Embodied Marketing Membership – our Co-Writing calls where you can ACTUALLY implement what you have learned and get your message into the world.

The Embodied Marketing Method Promise

The Embodied Marketing Method promises to teach you how to connect to yourself, the wisdom of your body and the flow of creative energy. 

Couple this with the HOW of clearly organizing your message, and writing for your business becomes fun, efficient, and magnetic. 

Ultimately you will learn HOW to market your business in a way that builds connection, FEELS AMAZING and launches you into your next level of leadership and growth.

Meet your Instructor

Becky Nethery

MA English, BEd, HBA English and Art, Ayurvedic Health Coach

Becky Nethery is a talented and intuitive copywriter who helps entrepreneurs reflect their greatness into the world and grow their business with the power of connection and words. 

Deeply spiritual, Becky has been dedicated to her own healing journey, understanding trauma, embodiment practices and learning new ways of being instead of doing. 

In 2019, Becky left a decade career teaching English and Art to high school students throughout Canada and launched her own copywriting business, Becky Nethery Creative Inc. boldly redefining how she could use her gifts and talents to help end suffering on the planet. 

Your body holds so much wisdom.

And yet many of us are disconnected from who we are, what we actually think and what we are truly here to do. By coming into our bodies, through embodiment, we learn how to slow down, get clear, process what is alive in us and use writing as a powerful tool to build connection and to help the people who need our services and products. 

By becoming embodied, we are able to connect with divine energy, co-create and write the words that we need, that our clients need and that the collective needs. Your embodied message can show you how you can step into alignment, own your power and be of service. 

It's YOUr time

It’s time to revolutionize how we approach marketing.

I’ve seen marketing cause a great deal of suffering, especially when it isn’t in congruence with the business owner. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can actually use your marketing as a powerful tool that: 

  • Helps you create meaningful connections with futurel, current and past clients 
  • Energetically connect with the people who need your help
  • Confidently honour your leadership role in your industry 
  • Contribute to healing – because you are willing to be seen and heard (individually, in your community and in the collective

Still not sure?

If you have any questions, I’d love to jump on a call and connect and help you determine if this is the right program for you. Click the Let’s Connect button and book a call today.