From zero to $10K with a new course: How Kate Created (and Oversold) a Signature Course

Meet Kate

Goal: Create and Sell a Signature Course
Struggle: Organizing ideas into a Transformational Course and Selling with Confidence and Clarity
Achievement: $10K in Sales in the First Launch, Ease, Clarity, Elegance and Success

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Dr. Kate is an amazing Naturopathic Doctor and the founder of Good Earth Naturopathic Centre located in Goderich Ontario. As a spiritual being having a human experience, Dr. Kate loves working with clients and helping them reframe their story in a new way through Naturopathic Medicine and Compassionate Inquiry.

Dr. Kate initially came to me for Course Development support for an idea that she had for a signature program. “I recognized that I needed support,” said Dr. Kate. She wanted to be able to help women who were struggling with burnout and she had a lot of ideas but wasn’t sure how to structure them all and package it into a transformational experience for her clients. 

After working together through Course Development Consulting, Kate was ready to launch her signature program called Beyond Burnout: 12 Steps to Recover your Vitality And Reclaim your Innate Bliss. At that point, Dr. Kate enlisted me to write the sales copy to sell her program and invite her audience to join. 

In the first launch, Dr. Kate oversold the program and generated a gross revenue of $10K.


Here’s what Kate had to say when she read her copy: 


“When I first read what Becky had written, I immediately started smiling and I got goosebumps. My messaging had direction and it created momentum for my business, I thought -this is happening, it’s actually happening, it’s not just an idea in my head anymore, it’s actually going somewhere now.


I love that Becky can take my words and craft it into this amazing and clear message.  


When I read it, I feel seen. I feel like “oh Becky’s in my head” and she just pulled everything out so that it wasn’t a jumble. The creativity that came through me, Becky gave it a direction, a funnel.


The support that Becky provides – the communications coaching, validation, and safe place to explore what will work for me was incredible. I was getting other messages of how everyone else is supposed to do it.

Becky always reframed things so that it was less overwhelming and so that I could do what made sense for me and my business. Instead of fitting into a cookie cutter formula, Becky spent time with me to explore the best strategy for me that actually felt good, easy and elegant.”


I loved working with Dr. Kate and helping her create her signature program and sales copy. Not only that, but I’ve been learning so much about preventing burnout in her course and I highly recommend it. Part of why I started my copywriting business was to help entrepreneurs get their important and life changing work out into the world and Dr. Kate is doing just that. 


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