How Sheldon Increased His Leads and Clients with Professional Copywriting

Meet Sheldon

Goal: Generate Leads
Struggle: Finding the Right Voice to Call Clients to Action
Achievement: More Traffic, Leads and Increased Sales

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Let me introduce you to another amazing business owner: Sheldon Isaac, owner and founder of Sheldon Isaac Images located in Ajax, Ontario. Sheldon is a photography lover and has turned his passion for the arts into a vibrant career offering both corporate and personal photography.

Sheldon reached out because he was struggling with finding the right voice to encourage his customers to book a call with him. “I’m not a writer, it’s not my thing,” said Sheldon. After writing a very stressful and time consuming first draft of the site, he wasn’t converting his audience and had a high bounce rate. “I knew a change had to be made because I was losing business,” said Sheldon. 

Since launching his new site with copywriting from, Sheldon’s website has done a complete 180. 

“I’m getting more visitors to my website, people are staying on it longer and customers are filling out the order form to start the conversation.
Now I’m actually getting people to find me and connect with me. The numbers are going up and up.  Those are the three things that I needed my website to do and it’s doing it perfectly!”


Sheldon loved the process of working together. Here’s what he had to say about it: 

“You let me talk and get out all my thoughts. And I had been doing a lot of research about what I wanted my website to do, so I had a lot of ideas. You kept me focused, but let me express everything I needed to. In a very short period of time, you came up with copywriting that blew my mind.

You took all my ideas and created a wireframe.  It was next level for me to see the wireframe because it helped me understand the flow and user experience. It really made a difference, compared to seeing the words in a pdf or google doc, it’s not as real. But seeing the brand messaging in the wireframe made updating my site so easy. 

And you gave me some additional ideas for animations and videos and it helped me stretch things out and create a site that I’m really proud of. 

Because you redid the layout, I didn’t have to think about it and it really helped improve the user experience and convert.”

It was so fun to work with Sheldon and craft a clear brand message that converts and generates more leads for his amazing photography business. And that showcases his awesome personality and his stunning photos at the same time. 

So, if you’re struggling with your website or you’re finding that your website is not converting and driving leads like you want, it might be time to invest in clear brand messaging and copywriting. I’d love to help! Apply Now to work with me here. 

Don’t just take my word. Here’s what Sheldon has to say:

“I’ve already recommended to others and I’ve come back to get Becky to help me with an email nurture sequence for my business as well.”

Check out Sheldon’s website and see for yourself! 

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