My Friend’s Mic Drop

A couple years ago, I was at my friend’s wedding, dancing, sipping some cocktails and having the best time. And then came the speeches. My dear friend Megan (the bride) thanked everyone for coming and went on to deliver the most heartfelt speech. She talked about one of the greatest pieces of wisdom that she learned from her Oma, and it’s why I’m writing to you today, because it was that good. 

Attitude is everything. 

She continued a beautiful speech, but those words implanted inside my brain and they often help redirect me. 

Attitude is everything. The attitude that we show up with influences and effects the very outcome and success (or failure) of the endeavour. In life, in love, in business. 

And attitude is everything when it comes to writing about your business. 

Your readers and viewers can feel when you are writing something just to “get ‘er done” (as they say here in Huron County). They can feel when you have a million other things that you would like to do right now, but instead you are writing a blog post or putting something up on social media, because you feel like you have to. They can feel your dread. They can feel your confusion when you’re all over the place. They can feel if you’re half-assing it. The reader can feel the attitude that you bring to writing about your business, so you may as well make it good. 

So the question is: what attitude are you bringing to your writing? 

If you need an attitude check, here it is. How could you make writing about your business easy, stress free and fun? Just asking that question will unlock some pieces of gold and help you get started.    

I’d love to hear what you come up with. And I’m here for you if you’re looking for some help.

Happy Writing, 


P.S. Attitude is everything. Your customers will feel the attitude that you bring to your writing, so make it count! 


P.S.S. The majority of entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by writing about their business, which is preventing their growth. I offer clear and meaningful writing that small businesses can be proud of, so they can confidently showcase their company, magnetize customers and increase profits.