Not sure what to write about? Try this.

So many business owners aren’t sure what to write about when they go to create writing assets for their company. Whether it’s writing emails, social media captions or blog posts to increase SEO traffic, this strategy will help clarify the age old question of what to write about. 

Are you ready? Here it is. 

Write about your customer’s problems. Write about the issues that you see over and over again. The questions that you get asked, the top challenges that trip up your customer’s success. 

When you do this, you build trust and authority. Your customer sees you as the expert who knows how to solve their issues and they will start to trust you because you are generous with your solutions. This strategy also positions you as the guide who will help your customer achieve their desired results. 

You are an expert in your business and a lot of entrepreneurs take for granted what they know. What is obvious to you, isn’t obvious to your customer who is struggling. People will appreciate the help, trust you and remember that you helped them. And you won’t have to research anything – guaranteed you have the answers to these questions in your head already. Don’t forget to include a call to action or mention a service or product that could help solve this problem. 

Get Started: Brainstorm the top 5-7 questions that you get asked in your business. Then write down your explanation, post and connect with your customers.  There’s 5-7 assets for your blog, social media or podcast! 

 Easy peasy! You’ll be sipping on margaritas (insert your favorite beverage here) before you know it. 5-7 focused, meaningful posts that will connect with customers, build trust and showcase your amazing business. These posts will generate more leads and profits and help you create meaningful writing that sells.  

I would love to hear how this goes! 

Happy Writing, 


The majority of entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by writing about their business, which is preventing their growth. I offer clear and meaningful writing that small businesses can be proud of, so they can confidently showcase their company, magnetize customers and increase profits.