Playing Big

When I was growing up, I didn’t have a lot of examples of people who were playing big. But as I got older and started to see more of the world, I began to meet people who were brave in their own ways. They were brave enough to say what they actually thought. They were brave enough to wear the clothes that brought them joy and made them happy. They were brave enough to go after their dreams and not just talk about what they wanted to do or how they wanted to impact the world. Their actions projected a powerful message: it is possible to be yourself, it is possible to pursue your dreams, it is possible to have a life that you want and crave.

As I met these people, I started to change too. I started to show up a little bit more authentically and shine my light. I stopped being distracted by what other people thought or said about me. I started to value my own expression and freedom to truly be myself over playing small, living the safe life and always doing what was expected of me. I let my identity expand and not be so wrapped up in performing, conforming and hiding. I let my identity not be consumed by my actions, but rather by my being. 

The pain of hiding became too great and I learned, and continue to learn how to shine my light in the world. Who am I not to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? And who are you not to be?

Starting my own business has taken this to an entirely new level. I’ve realized that it can be so very hard to continue to show up in your authenticity, to let your light shine as an entrepreneur and business owner. How do you juggle being professional and authentic? How do you present yourself to the world? It’s so easy for our ego to get attached and then become paralyzed and do nothing but get lost in a cycle of self-doubt. Does this ever happen to you? Does your overthinking ever lead to paralysis?

My Ayurveda teacher said something this week in a lecture that really helped me to get out of this paralysis. She said that when we come back to service and being of service, we get out of the ego. This really helped me because the whole point of my business is to be of service to people. To use my gifts and talents to help and to end suffering. It’s the purpose of a lot of conscious businesses. There’s way too much suffering in the world (from racism, to doing your taxes, to writing your about page), people suffer too much. Using your gifts or business to serve people ends suffering, even if it is in a small way, it matters, has value and can create change in the world. 

All businesses are here to solve problems for people and to serve the clients, customers and community. When we focus on service, it becomes less about the entrepreneur and more about the customer and how we can help them. I’d much rather write, post and talk about my business from this perspective. You and your business are brilliant, talented, fabulous (and gorgeous!) and playing small doesn’t serve you or your clients. It’s time to let your light shine.

If you want some help showcasing your brilliant business to the world, I’d love to be of service.  Let’s create together.