Saskatchewan, Forest Bathing and Tuna Fish Sandwiches

I met with a client yesterday who is a brilliant storyteller and artist. She is SUPER creative and has so many ideas. When she sits down to write for her website, they all come tumbling out at once. She will start off with a story about this one time she was in Saskatchewan at a fishing camp and then jumps to a story from her childhood and then next thing you know she is talking about eating tuna fish sandwiches and forest bathing. Her writing is very entertaining, but all over the place! 

There are so many brilliant and creative business owners out there, who thrive on this type of creative idea generation. The way her brain works makes her the person she is because she can see the connection between all these apparent non-sequiturs.

But, this doesn’t help her website content. Because within seconds of landing on her webpage, you aren’t quite sure what she is selling, who she is or what services she offers. She confuses her audience right from the get go. And even people who know her, aren’t really sure what to do, how to register for a class or get started working with her. 

It’s the age old adage “If you confuse, you lose.” There’s different types of writing and my artist friend’s creative writing style is brilliant for her blog posts and newsletter, but it wasn’t helping her out on her webpage. 

Yesterday, we unveiled her brand new website and she absolutely loved it! 

At the end of the meeting, she thanked me with tear-filled eyes “I don’t know how you encapsulated all that I do in such a clear way. You took all of my complexities as an artist and portrayed me with clarity and authenticity. I’m so thankful to you! It’s clear, organized and will help my business grow. I’m so excited for this next phase of my business.”  

Hearing feedback like that is exactly why I love my job. It gives me so much joy to set amazing business owners up for success with clear, organized and authentic copywriting. 

Happy Writing, 


P.S. The majority of entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by writing about their business, which is preventing their growth. I offer clear and meaningful writing that small businesses can be proud of, so they can confidently showcase their company, magnetize customers and increase profits.