The #1 Simple Solution to Improve Your Content
As an overloaded entrepreneur, it’s a small miracle when you finally get a chance to sit down and check content creation off your long to-do list.
You open the computer screen, say a quick prayer and hope to channel any muse that is available. You let loose all the thoughts swirling around your head (and if you’re anything like me, there’s probably a lot of thoughts in there).
You get words on a page. You post it. And you walk away.
The thing is though, your audience probably won’t stick around for the random thoughts. This strategy might work a couple times, but not consistently, and it’s not a strategy to build a business on.
And you want more. You want your content to connect. You want to show up clearly and serve your clients but you just don’t know how.
What’s missing?
Structure, the most overlooked aspect of writing.
The easiest way to improve your writing is to create a structure for it. Great writers organize their ideas, make a plan and have clearly thought through their message before they start writing. They don’t leave their points to chance, stream of consciousness or fate. They are purposeful and deliberate about what and how they communicate. They take the time to plan and organize their ideas — and this makes all the difference in the quality of the writing they produce and in the connection that they create with their audience.
Here’s the top 7 reasons why you need to structure your ideas before you start writing:
  • Your content will have a purpose and be deliberate. You know what you want to say, who you are saying it to and why you want to communicate this. Having this all figured out will dramatically improve your writing because your content won’t be a jumbled mess.
  • Your content is clear. You have done the work for your audience. You are not asking or expecting them to read between the lines or decipher your unclear message.
  • You can create a hook that grabs your reader’s attention and draws them in. You’ve taken some time to think about how you want to attract your readers to your content. You know who you are talking to, what their pain points are and what they need. You know your audience and who you want to connect with through your website, posts or course.
  • Structuring your content shows that you care about your audience. In a world where attention is a currency, when your content is structured, you will keep your audience’s attention. A structure will ensure that you can bring your audience on a journey with you. It allows you to connect and build trust with your readers and clients because they can see that you have done the work of clearly communicating your message.
  • Your content leaves the reader different at the end. This can mean a lot of different things. Your content could educate your audience, it could inform them, it could compel action or it could simply build connections. But somehow, after reading what you wrote, your audience should feel different, satisfied yet wanting more. If your content isn’t doing this, it’s time to look at your structure.
  • Your content is a reflection and extension of your business. Is your content just thrown together and posted? Does it make sense? Are there grammar and spelling errors? Are you just hoping it works out? Have you taken the time to get deliberate about your message? The hard truth is that your clients will judge your credibility based on the content you present in the world. So it’s worth taking some time to get deliberate and show up with your best foot forward.
  • Structure applies to everything! Creating a structure for your ideas will improve whatever it is you are writing: website copy, blog posts, newsletters, emails, social media captions and especially courses. It applies to anything you want to create. Structuring and organizing your ideas is the key to success.
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I am obsessed with organizing and structuring ideas, so you can accelerate your creative process and get your ideas into the world.
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