The Curse of Knowledge

Ever land on a website and start reading, only to be completely overwhelmed by industry specific words, unable to follow the author’s point, confused by abstract examples? 

The curse of knowledge (said in a dramatic voice) strikes again! 

You might be asking “What the heck are you talking about Becky?” (The irony of it all!) 

The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias, where the author is “too close” to the subject matter, too much of an industry expert or subject specialist and they assume that everyone has the same knowledge that they do. This leads to really confusing writing, that leaves the reader feeling dumb, confused, or annoyed.  

And it’s everywhere! 

It strikes unbeknownst business owners all the time. From industry specific lingo on websites, to email marketing, to social media posts. The author (usually the business owner) assumes that the audience has the background knowledge to follow their thought process. 

But they don’t. That’s why they are looking to the expert for help.  

So what is a “cursed” business owner to do? 

Simplify! Have some empathy for your audience. Be really clear on who you are writing to. Don’t be condescending, but be kind in your explanation. Fill in your audience. Educate, teach, show them the way. 

And before you know it, your audience will love your business. They will share it with their friends. And they will be wanting more from you because you treat your audience so well. 

Happy Writing, 


Perform a quick ritual and banish the curse of knowledge! Be kind to your readers and show them the way. 

The majority of entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by writing about their business, which is preventing their growth. I offer clear and meaningful writing that small businesses can be proud of, so they can confidently showcase their company, magnetize customers and increase profits.