Welcome to 2021

Hello Entrepreneurs and Welcome to 2021! 

Ontario is currently in lockdown. It’s a different kind of January around here. People know how to work from home now, they’ve adjusted, they’ve adapted. I don’t know about you, but this time has just felt a little bit harder, a little bit more stressful. Even the introverts are starting to miss people! Myself included! 

January is also a time when many people start to get serious about their plans for 2021. Many businesses have already made a plan. But as I am sitting here on the first official day of work for 2021, I’m having a lot of thoughts and I don’t know if my plan still makes sense. Does that ever happen to you? 

I think one of the hardest things about being an entrepreneur is learning how to trust yourself and to rely on your decisions. It might just be me, but before starting my own business, my job was pretty clear, there were clear expectations and I knew what to do. Life as an entrepreneur is constantly changing and presenting different challenges. Throughout the process of growing my business, I’ve learned that I can trust myself and my decisions, that I can work through challenges and overcome difficult circumstances. 

This morning I was listening to a podcast by Brene Brown where she interviewed Priya Parker, author of The Art of Gathering: How we Meet and Why it Matters. It’s an excellent interview and I highly recommend it. Right from the start Priya Parker explained three questions that we must all answer: 

 “What is it that I know how to do, where is the need, and how can I help?” 

These questions are at the heart of any business and I thought that it was divine timing to start 2021 off by reflecting on these three questions. I also share them here because they can help you make those important decisions about your business, they can help you carve out the areas that you are passionate about and help you focus on why you do what you do and hopefully eliminate some of the filler that might be draining you. 

I’ve always valued living deliberately and when it comes to running your business, I think that doing business deliberately is just as important. 

So here’s my answers: 

What is it you know how to do?

I know how to write, but honestly, it’s so much more than that. I know how to empathetically listen to people, to ask questions that pull out their essence of their business, their passion, their “joie de vive” and the reason they are running their business. I know how to carefully take the parts that are important, that will resonate with their clients and build connection.

I know how to organize those ideas into words, sentences, images and websites that build trust and recognition and help people want to work with you. I know how simplify complex issues so that the audience can easily understand and realize that your business is the solution they have been looking for. I know how to take an abstract concept and make it tangible and readily available, with fun, authenticity and beauty. 

I value clear communication that supports businesses growth and helps them make more money and profits. At the end of the day, business is about being of service and being financially compensated for that service. So your website must also support those goals. Your messaging must clearly communicate how you help people and in a way that connects and that you feel proud of. This is what I do. 

I think that this is what sets me a part from other copywriters, my ability to see the patterns, to intuit what will connect with the audience and how to build connection. 

Where is the need? 

Many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed, overworked and struggle to find the right words to describe their business. 

I make life easier for entrepreneurs. I take writing and messaging and website communication off of their plate so they can focus on other aspects of their business, where they shine. Not everyone has time to invest in writing about their business or in a way that is clear, professional and builds connection. 

That’s where I come in. I offer done-for-you services, where I transform your words, industry expertise, passion and knowledge into messaging that connects with your audience and helps you make money. Many people don’t realize that they can simply dump all of the ideas in their head into a short call with me and I can transform them into website content, emails or blog posts that helps their business grow.

I’m telling you, it’s possible and I do it everyday! I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs organize their ideas and I create the custom copywriting and content marketing that they need for their business. 

How can I help? 

I help by showing up and offering my services. I help by networking and meeting people who need help. I help by being me and honouring my gifts and abilities, the thousands of hours that I spent honing my craft and learning how to organize, explain and teach through words. 

I help by offering my gifts to others and and by showing up every day with a positive attitude, dedicated to creating work that I am proud of and feel good about. I help by building relationships with my clients that help them feel confident about their business marketing and messaging. And that helps them make more money. 

I help by showing up and being myself and doing business in a way that feels good, that honours people and communities, that values businesses that are solving people’s problems and making the world a better place. 

I help by writing in ways that are powerful, that use stories to connect with audiences and that help business grow without using traditional copywriting techniques based on fear. Instead I write in a way that builds connection, showcases passion and drive and commitment and that is based on service and authenticity. 

Taking the time to reflect on these three questions have helped me refocus my attention and remember the joy and passion I have for my business. I encourage you to take the time for your own reflection and to pause. I also want to say that businesses have periods of growth and of nurturance. There’s times when things shoot forward, but only after they have had time to percolate, to develop. There are seasons in business, just as there are seasons in the natural world. January might be the time to nurture your ideas, it might be the time to burst forward. Only you will know that. Wherever you are on your journey, I honour you and I acknowledge that the Pandemy is affecting us all in different ways. So continue to be gentle with yourself. 

So, how can I help? 

I would love to meet you and hear more about your business. I would love to help you stand out from the crowd with simple and effective messaging that you are proud of. 

Send me an email or book a free consultation and let’s work together! How can I help you and your business?