Why Outsourcing Makes Dollars and Sense
I’ve been reading Denise Duffield Thomas’s book Chillpreneur and I’ve been loving it! Definitely recommend picking it up if you are looking for some solid (outside the box) business advice.
One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned from the book is about outsourcing. This wasn’t an entirely new concept to me because I’ve also been reading Tim Ferris’s The Four Hour Work Week (sense a theme anyone?) and he also explains the importance of outsourcing tasks that don’t come quickly or easily to you.
Both Duffield Thomas and Ferris argue that it makes way more sense to pay someone to do the tasks that aren’t directly in your wheelhouse. When you go to an expert, you are paying for that expert’s education, years of experience, knowledge, skills and natural talents. It’s impossible to become an expert at everything and still live a healthy, happy life. By outsourcing, you save your energy for your realm of genius (your business) and you create a better life for yourself because you are not constantly draining your energy on areas of your business that deplete you.
Sounds easy right? Yet a lot of people really resist outsourcing aspects of their business (and home life) that actually would make their lives easier and their businesses stronger. I know I had my own doubts about it at first. Can I afford this? How do I find the right person? What if it doesn’t work out?
And then I decided to try it. I hate cutting my grass. So, I hired my friend’s son to cut my grass for the summer. He’s in grade 7 and this is his first job ever. I pay him each week and he comes, works hard and does an exceptional job. I sit in my backyard and enjoy the plants, grass, flowers and garden and feel so freaking rich. And this kid, he’s happy to have some extra income to support his golfing habit. He’s learning how to work responsibly, gain confidence in himself and maybe even be inspired to start his own business? Everyone wins.
So, I’m hooked. I started outsourcing other aspects of my business and the more I think about it, the more I am going to do it. I know that when I take really good care of myself, my mind, body, spirit, and my friendships, family, community and surroundings, I have way more to offer in my business. I am sourced, healthy, happy and not suffering from burnout. I do a better job and actually earn more money.
What’s your take on outsourcing? Have you tried it? Learned any lessons about it or is this a new concept to you? I’d love to hear about it!
Happy Writing,
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