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I currently work with heart-centred businesses who are doing BIG things in the world. 

I specialize in helping establish clear and meaningful brand stories that help businesses connect and profit at the same time.  You get crystal clear brand purpose,  show up online in your full authenticity and attract the people who are looking for your business.  With clear, well written and high-converting copy, your business is set up for success and will have everything it needs to grow and profit.

With over 10 years of experience as an educational leader, I also help businesses create meaningful courses for their clients through course development consultation. Offering fully customizable options, I help businesses get their ideas into the world, serve their audience and make more money. 

Copywriting Services

One Page Website
Brand Story


Establish your brand with a one page website offering clarity and direct call to action. 

Great for brands who are just getting started and defining their audience and purpose.


Five Page Website
Brand Story


Clear and meaningful copywriting to confidently show up online, connect with your and increase sales.

Home,  Work With Me,  About,  Contact,  404 Page

Ideal for growing brands who want to clarify their messaging and show up in their authentic power online. 

Five Page Website
Brand Story + Sales

+ Sales

Clear and meaningful copywriting to confidently show up online, connect with your and increase sales.

Home,  Work With Me,  About,  Contact,  404 Page 

+ High Converting Sales Page 

+ Bonus Of Your Choice 

Everything your brand needs to connect with your customers, show up confidently and sell like crazy! Reach your full potential by investing in the copywriting your business needs to shine, serve and grow. 

Add On services
High Converting
Sales Page

With the right words,  you can sell your course, membership or program with confidence and make that money.


Aligned with your strategic business development, a customized lead magnet invites your audience to opt-in to your email marketing. 

Email Nurture Sequence

4 high-converting  emails designed to build a relationship with your email list and keep your business front of mind. 

Blog Packages That Connect

500-750 word blog posts designed to engage your ideal customer, solve problems and position your company as an industry authority. 

DIY Your Website

1.5 Hour Consultation


Brand Strategy for You

For the DIY'ers Out tHere

Consulting Services

  • Review Your Website 
  • Pick my brain on all things copywriting strategy 
  • Examine Brand Clarity 
  • Walk away with a clear to-do list of how to improve your website so you can DIY.
  • OR hire me to help you get shit done.
STreet Cred
She is worth every penny. Becky has a keen ability to dig into what we are looking to communicate to our clients and can get our message across clearly. Hiring Becky allowed my team to focus on what we do best while leaving the writing, focused messaging and storytelling to a professional writer.
Jeff Bauer
Homefield Group
Holy wow Becky!!! The lead generator looks incredible. I’m seriously impressed! I just think this is so beautiful and well done. SO much gratitude to you Becky. This is high level work - you are amazing.
Kim Hagle
Radiant Vitality Wellness
Creating a course? Feeling Overwhelemed? I got you.

Course Development

Course Development Consulting

Get the support you need to organize your program, course or membership and create an optimal user experience and student transformation. 

Learning Materials and Course Assets

From slide decks, to handouts, to feedback forms or diagrams, get the course assets your participants need to enhance their learning and support their goals. 

Fun, Easy, Stress Free and Effective

My Signature Creative Process



Let’s chat and find out if we are a good fit! Apply to work with me today and we can hop on a call and find out.



My casual interview process creates the space for you to share your heart, vision and purpose of your business. You share you ideas and then I get to work. 



Now that I understand your business,  I clarify your message into powerful copywriting that is easy to understand, effective and connects with your audience. 



Based on your unique audience,  I create a website wireframe that shows the visual layout, optimizes communication and clearly and effectively tells your brand story with high converting copywriting. The wire-frame can easily be shared with your development team to speed up the process and create epic results. 



When you read your website copy, you will feel seen, heard and understood. A pride will rise up in you as your mission is given momentum. With effective copywriting and strategic brand strategy, your business will have everything necessary for success, so you can own your power,  serve your people and sell with confidence.

It's YOUr time

Get the Copywriting and Brand Clarity
You Need to Shine

Stop playing small.  It’s time to show up.  It’s time to step into the spotlight. 

We are stronger together and the world needs your contributions, your creativity and your solutions. I’m here to help with fun, easy and stress-free copywriting and branding.  With the right words, you can deliver your mission, attract your people and increase your profits. 

Let’s do it!

Playing Big

When I was growing up, I didn’t have a lot of examples of people who were playing big. But as I got older and started

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