Writing… It’s A Process
If you are struggling with your writing, here’s an uber fast english lesson for you, that is guaranteed to help improve your writing.
The Writing Process! Even Shakespeare used the writing process – TRUST!
There’s 5-6 steps involved (depending who you ask!), and taking your writing through each step is guaranteed to help you create something you are truly proud of and that helps showcase your business online.
Here we go:
Step One: Brainstorming – Get all your ideas down on paper. At this stage, the point is to get ‘em out of your head so you can look at them. They don’t have to be great ideas, they don’t have to be good ideas, you just have to write down ideas. Some people like lists, I’m more of a mind-map kind of person. Do what works for you.
Outline – Now you read all of your ideas and you start to sort them. You organize, connect, see the concepts that are repeated. Create an outline of how you plan to organize your ideas.
Step Two: Drafting – Take those ideas and put them into sentences. Don’t worry how things sound. Just straight up get words on the page. As Anne Lamont says “What I’ve learned to do when I sit down to work on a shitty first draft is to quiet the voices in my head.”
Now, this is where a lot of people stop. But name, stopping here doesn’t make good writing. You’ve got to work the process.
Step Three: Revising – Revising literally means “to see again.” Don’t confuse revising with editing which will come next. Revising is about IDEAS! Re-read your “shitty first draft” and go through it looking at the ideas.
  • Here’s some questions to think about:
  • Is this really worth saying?
  • Have I repeated the same ideas?Does this say what I wanted it to say?
  • Is my paragraph unified and coherent? Do all of the sentences relate around one main idea?
  • Did I express all of my ideas? (is anything missing or unclear?)
  • How can I present these ideas in an interesting and convincing way?
  • How could I be more specific in my writing?
Step Four: Editing – No red pens over here – just you and your spell checker or a program like grammarly. Go through and polish off that writing piece. Read it out loud. Fix it up. People judge grammar, so take the time to make it good. It’s your business’s reputation on the line.
Step Five: Publishing! Share your writing with pride! Hit publish, post, send, put it in the mail, you name it, but get your work to the desired audience. This is the favourite step for many writers.
Step Six (For the Keeners): Reflecting – What can you learn from this experience of writing. In the business landscape this also means looking at your analytics. How many people opted in, opened your content, or engaged. Always be watching for what works and what doesn’t and learn from that. Take that info with you into your next writing task and before you know it, you’ll be a pro!
Which step of the writing process is your favourite?
Happy Writing,